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                      Metro Youth Basketball League


Laurel Boys and Girls Club

Metro Youth Basketball League

701 Montgomery Street

Laurel, Maryland 20707

Greetings Players, Coaches, Parents and Youth Basketball Fans!!

The Laurel Boys and Girls Club would like to thank you for your interest in this year’s Metro Youth Basketball League.  This year’s league plans to be just as emotional and exciting. We have several teams participating. We have an excellent assortment of highly competitive teams. Local teams from Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia will compete against each other.

Our main goal is to create an environment that the kids will find entertaining, enthusiasm generating, and most importantly, educating them on the values of teamwork, handling winning/losing.

The league will guarantee 7 games with additional playoff (every team makes the playoff), 1st and 2nd place trophies and all league team. The league is for boys and girls in age range of 8 to 18. The cost for this year’s league will be $450 dollars. The league is a competitive league that is conducted in the Spring and Summer. During the summer an Unlimited division is added, which includes current and ex college players.  Following is a short, simple list of our league rules. Please read through them. Spring League runs from early April to June and the Summer league runs from June to August.


  • Proper conduct will be expected at all times!  One incident of improper conduct will result in permanent banishment from this year’s league and future events. (For example, cursing by coaches and /or players will not be tolerated)
  • Semi/Final games will stop clock on all Free throws. 4 full time outs per game.   Technical foul’s are awarded 2 points and the ball out.
  • All games will be using High School Rules.
  • Overtime is 3 minutes stop clock last 2 minutes.
  • All teams must have a coach present on the bench at all times.
  • Teams must arrive 30 minutes before game time.
  • If a team is down by 20 points with two minutes to go the clock will continue.
  • Foul shots are awarded after 10 team fouls and then that will be two shots. (Two shots will be awarded on shooting fouls off course.)
  • All players must have same uniform on. No uniform-No Play!!!!!!!
  • Playoff seeding determined by Metro Youth Basketball League Committee.
  • League Director contact info (301) 758-4439 or (301) 760-0552 during league at any time.  Please call if any problems occur.
  • Division Breakdown Unlimited, High School, 16u, 15u,14u, 13u, 12u, 10u


“Making Good Youths Better”




From:               Levet G. Brown, Laurel Boys and Girls Club

Subject:            Metro Youth Basketball League

To:                   Interested Participating Teams.


Dear Team Representatives:


This letter is to invite your team’s participation in this year’s Metro Youth Basketball League 2010. All games will be held at the Laurel Boys and Girls Club located at 701 Montgomery Street, Laurel Maryland 20707. Make all checks payable Laurel Boys and Girls Club, 701 Montgomery Street, Laurel Maryland, 20707.


The spring starts early April to June and Summer starts June to August.

We request that you arrive 30 minutes before game times.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me. If you are unable to make a game, please contact us immediately. Not contacting the league director will subject your organization from being barred from future events.


Sports Commissioner, Sherylyn "Peebles" Roberson (301) 760-0552 or

Levet Brown (301) 758-4439 or


Fax# (301) 490-0470


Forward to Laurel Boys and Girls Club your team fees, information to include contact number, person and email address. Teams will not be allowed to participate in this year’s league until league fees are received by the Laurel Boys and Girls Club’s office.